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The Scientist's Assistant

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

The Scientist's Assistant
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Ecclysium (GrayArea), Era the Outworlder, pixel_ratto
Origin Original character
Sakura The Assistant
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2022

Content warning: blood, injury, excessive violence, and discussion of misuse of assorted chemicals.

The Scientist's Assistant is a 1-person pixel art ghost created for Ghost Jam 2022 with the theme 'Disaster.' A secondary character is used for a medicine kit. They are from an alternate history world that they frequently return to where they are captive by someone referred to as 'The Scientist' and experimented on.

They contain detailed systems for performing first aid and the healing of wounds via a number of stages. Their health status affects how aware they are at any given point in time. They talk largely about alchemy, albino characters in media, and The Scientist.


  • A consciousness system which moves them between three modes over time, and is affected by the user's actions
  • 8 different locations where they may be injured
  • An interactive first aid kit, where items may be picked up by the user via double clicking and then applied to places on The Assistant
    • This includes many visual changes
  • A system for healing involving the potential stages fresh, sanitized, bandaged, healing, tender, and infected
  • Time awareness where they occasionally leave the computer to their home world and then return later on
  • 6 questions with answers affected by mode and relationship
  • Sound effects

First Aid

The first aid kit is the first thing that the user is instructed to do when opening The Scientist's Assistant for the first time, and most subsequent times. If the ghost is left open continuously, they will leave after 10-12 hours and return an hour and a half later with new injuries.

The medicine kit consists of four items: antibacterial/antiseptic spray, bandaids, a washcloth, and a roll of gauze. It is up to the user to determine which corresponds to what wound, though The Assistant themself may occasionally offer the answer when it is gotten wrong. Wounds can also be poked if nothing is equipped.

An item is equipped by double clicking on the item that the user would like to equip. It may be unequipped either by double-clicking where the item goes in the box or by equipping a different item. It is applied by double clicking on a wound, where a cross symbol (+) will appear along with a tooltip to offer a comment on the wound's appearance. Double-clicking the box itself will open/close it.

Each successful change in state of a wound via first aid will make The Assistant become more conscious and aware of what is going on around them, leading to heightened chances that they will explain their injuries. Their awareness total can be seen via the Vitals Menu, accessible by the bandaid symbol in their menu. This menu also shows health for each limb.

Antibacterial Spray

Antibacterial spray is the tallest item in the box, with a light blue body and a darker blue nozzle. It is located behind the roll of gauze, on the far right. It is used on wounds that are perceived as not bleeding as much as other wounds, or for less delicate wounds, such as the cut they may sustain on their face.


The box of bandaids is the item in the middle of the first aid kit, with a red top and paler body. Bandaids are used for the smallest of small wounds. Only two wounds at this time require bandaids, with one on the face and the other on the arm that is on the user's right.


The washcloth is on the far left of the kit, draped over the side. It is green and the same height as the roll of gauze. It is used for wounds perceived as delicate or as particularly gory, such as head wounds.


The roll of gauze is on the far right of the first aid kit, in front of the antibacterial spray. It is the smallest item in the kit, and is roughly the same color as the kit, making it occasionally hard to locate. It is applied to larger wounds where a bandaid would be ineffective.