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Zim and GIR

Zim and GIR
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Levidre
Origin Invader Zim
Sakura Zim
Kero Gir
Language(s) English
Release date October 31st, 2021

Zim and Gir is a ghost by Levidre, based on Invader Zim. The two characters are initially in disguise, and their real forms must be unlocked by interacting with them. The user can choose whether to treat them kindly or cruelly, which may impact some interactions.

When booted, the ghost will ask if it is alright to install the Irken font, and will use a SAORI to do it if given the affirmative. If the Irken font is installed, the ghost will have some dialogues available that are in a cipher and must be translated by the user.


  • Multiple unique animations
  • The characters will always face each other, no matter which way they are arranged horizontally on the user's screen
  • Two themed balloons
  • Some cryptic dialogue in the cipher font Irken, to be deciphered by the user
  • Menu interactions, including giving items, asking questions, and performing actions
  • The characters will be in disguise when first booted, and a certain event must happen before their true forms will be revealed


Blowing their cover

When Zim and Gir first appear, they will be in disguise. In order to get them out of disguise, the user must unlock it through an event. The event can happen when the ghost boots, if certain criteria are met.

Click to reveal unlock criteria.

Spoiler content

This section contains spoiler content.


Zim and Gir come bundled with the Irken Balloon, a balloon themed around Invader Zim.

There is also an optional balloon, Irken Balloon Simplified, which is a simpler balloon with the same theme. It uses a more plain font, to aid in readability.