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Idea Adoption Jam

Idea Adoption Jam
Type Event
Event host Zdzisiu
Submissions 8
Event duration 7 days
Event start June 18, 2023 6:00 PM1)
Event end June 25, 2023 6:00 PM2)
Announcement PostResults Post

Idea Adoption Jam was an event hosted by Zdzisiu, with rules based upon Ghost Jam events, but with the twist that the ghosts created had to be based upon ideas given by other people in the “Free Ideas” thread of the Ukagaka Dream Team Discord server. This meant that each dev was working on an idea that was not their own, thus “adopting” unused ghost ideas.


The following is an exact transcription of the original rules, as posted in the Ukagaka Dream Team Discord Server. Click here for a screenshot of the rules as seen in their original context.

For a ghost to qualify for the Idea Adoption Jam:
1. The ghost has to be made from an idea that is available in the ⁠Free ideas thread, and it cannot be your own or any of your teammates.
2. The ghost has to be released within the Jam time frame.
3. Assets cannot be made outside the Jam timeframe.
4. If you decide on starting from a template it has to be one of the following ( ) .
5. You can use premade assets, but only publicly available ones (code snippets from appropriate channels, freeshells)

Adoption Speedrun: How many can you adopt within the timeframes?
72h Challenge
New Assets Only: no premade assets allowed, pick 1 template (or start from scratch) and make everything else fresh

Submission Form:
Ghost Name:
Download Links: (N/A if nar attached directly)
Original Idea: (link or copied text)
Creator of the idea: (credit to the person)
New Assets Only?:
Short Description:

Event Timers:

End of 72h challange:



Thumbnail Ghost Team Members 72 Hours New Assets Only Notes
@funkylittlemothman Venelona, Zichqec
Answer The Door SmokyCinnamon (Лёва) Made within the first 24 hours of the event.
Eye See U SmokyCinnamon (Лёва)
If I Can't Have Shrimp No One Can Galehaut, Galla, Zichqec Made within the first 24 hours of the event.
Mailbox Zdzisiu
Model Skeleton Ecclysium, Zdzisiu Made within the first 24 hours of the event.
Pancake GWRAWRURULRG Ecclysium, Galla
Гэта Звычайны Кот SmokyCinnamon (Лёва)
1) , 2)