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Mettaton EX

Mettaton EX
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Levidre, Quonit, SirCrashton
Origin Undertale
Language(s) English
Sakura Mettaton
Release date November 12th, 2018

Mettaton is a ghost by Levidre, Quonit, and SirCrashton. He was released on November 12th, 2018 for Ghost Jam 2018. He features both a music player, and a quiz minigame with questions based on Undertale.


  • Music player
  • Quiz mode with questions based around Undertale
  • Some idle animations
  • The user can give him some items and interact with him through the menu

Music Player

Mettaton EX's music player is based on Azura's, which is inspired by FLELE's and uses the same two SAORI. The user may drag and drop music files onto the ghost to add songs to the playlist.

Supported file types

File types supported by the MCIAudioR SAORI are supported.

  • .mp3
  • .wav
  • .wma
  • .mid
  • .au
  • .ogg


There are 5 play modes available:

  • Play one song
  • Loop one song
  • Play the whole playlist
  • Loop the playlist
  • Play songs randomly


Playlists can be saved as .m3u files, and reloaded at any time. This is the same filetype that FLELE uses, so Mettaton EX's playlists are compatible with FLELE, and vice versa.

Playlists are saved in the MTT_Ghost/m3u_file/ folder, and can be edited in a text editor if the user so chooses.


The default hotkeys are as follows:

  • D - Open the music player's Dashboard
  • P - Play or Pause the song
  • N - Next song
  • V - Previous song
  • S - Stop song
  • C - Clear playlist

These can be customized by the user.


Mettaton EX makes use of the Z - Undertale balloon by Zarla.