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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin Undertale (OC)
Sakura Lulo
Language(s) English
Release date August 2nd, 2023

Lulo is a ghost made by Zichqec, which is noted to be a half complete project that has since been abandoned. The ghost was originally put up for beta testing on January 1st, 2021, and did not recieve further updates after this date until Zichqec decided to release the project as-is.

Lulo is a sleepy skeleton related to S the Skeleton, being his daughter, and the ghost primarily revolves around her 3 modes. She can be asleep, sleepy, or awake, and will change modes throughout the day based on various factors. She also comes with a noteable amount of minigames, as well as some other features, though many of these are prototypes that still have generic dialogue or are otherwise unfinished.

She is a dream themed ghost, talking frequently about her dreams and the stories and worlds she crafts while asleep.


  • Three modes: asleep, sleepy, and awake.
    • Each of these modes comes with their own random dialogue pools, and different dialogues for each interaction.
    • Lulo's dialogue speed will also be subtly different depending on her mode, being slower the more tired she is. This can be toggled off in the config menu.
  • Music player.
  • Journal, which the user can write entries in and reread them later.
  • Shop system, where currency may be earned and used to buy clothing and consumable items.
    • Currency is earned by playing minigames and other actions.
    • For most actions, doing them for the first time in a session will earn extra currency.
  • Interactions with S the Skeleton, with some dialogues changing depending on if he is open.
  • Question menu to ask her about herself, her family, and more.
  • Dialogue based on the current weather, if the user has the Weather Station plugin installed.


Lulo has 3 different modes: asleep, sleepy, and awake. She will alternate between these modes throughout the day based on various factors.

Factors that influence sleepiness include:

  • How long she's been open
  • The time of day
  • The current temperature (if Weather Station is in use)
  • Whether it's summer or not
  • The current moon phase
  • How many times the user has pet her recently
  • How much she has slept recently

She may switch to any mode at any time when a random dialogue would happen naturally (though not if it's a dialogue prompted by the user), although she will not switch modes less than 60 minutes after a previous mode change.

Each mode has its own separate pool of random dialogue, and the sleepy and awake modes will have different dialogues within menu interactions. In the asleep mode, the menu is inaccessible, except for the music menu which is still available via the M hotkey.

Other interactions, such as those available in the right click menu, are still available when Lulo is asleep. These will temporarily wake her, and she will generally go back to sleep once they have completed.

When using the bundled balloon, Dream Cloud, she will use different colors of the balloon based on which mode she is in. Pink for her default sleepy mode, Purple for asleep, and Blue for awake. Regardless of balloon, her tray icon will also update depending on her mode, with the same color scheme.

Friendship system

Lulo has a basic friendship system, where the user can unlock more functionality over time by befriending her.

Many things will increase the user's friendship with Lulo, including:

  • Asking her questions
  • Playing minigames
  • Giving her items
  • Interacting with her in various ways

In many cases, performing a specific interaction with her for the first time in a session will provide bonus friendship points.

Friendship is required to unlock many things in the ghost, from menu interactions, the MP3 player, journal, and various bits of dialogue including responses to some questions.

Menu options such as the shop, music player, and journal, are unlocked through asking her certain questions after her friendship reaches a high enough level.

Music player

Lulo's music player was Zichqec's first attempt at a music player, and was the base that FLUX's music player was eventually built on. Due to this, they have many similarities, though Lulo's version is a little rougher.

It plays music in much the same way as FLUX, using SakuraScript commands instead of a SAORI. The user may drag and drop music files onto Lulo to add songs to the playlist.

The music menu can also be opened via double clicking on her MP3 player at any time that she appears to be holding it.

Supported file types

Lulo supports any file types that the baseware it is running on supports. In the case of SSP, these types are supported by default:

  • .mp3
  • .wav
  • .wma
  • .mid

Additionally, if the user has LAV Filters installed, it can support many more filetypes. This includes .ogg, .flac, and .m4a.

Click for the list of all supported filetypes


The user can change the volume, speed, and left/right balance of the player. This will not take effect until the next song plays.

There are also 4 play modes available:

  • Loop Playlist
  • Shuffle and Loop
  • Loop One Song
  • Play One Song

The user may also toggle an option to stop playback after the current song completes.


Playlists can be saved as .m3u files, and be reloaded at any time. This is the same filetype that FLELE and FLUX use, so Lulo's playlists are compatible with FLELE and FLUX, and vice versa.

Playlists are saved in the lulo/ghost/master/playlists/ folder, and can be edited in a text editor if the user so chooses.


Lulo uses the following hotkeys for the music player:

  • M - open music menu
  • F5 - Previous song
  • F6 - Pause/resume current song
  • F7 - Stop song
  • F8 - Next song


Once the user has unlocked the journal, they may access it any time through the main menu, or by double clicking the journal at any time that Lulo appears to be holding it.

The user may click on journal entries to view them, or write a new one. Journal entries may be deleted or edited by viewing them, then choosing the delete or edit options.

Journal entries are written through the input box, and linebreaks may be added by writing \n where the linebreak is desired.

Journal entries are saved as plain text files, and are sorted in the order they were written. They may be sorted by newest to oldest, or oldest to newest. 10 journal entries are displayed per page, and the user may click on the page number indicator in order to jump directly to a particular page.

Shop and currency

Once the user has unlocked the shop, clicking the “Items” button in the main menu will take them to their inventory. From the inventory, the shop can be accessed. The shop takes “dp”, which is short for “dream points”.

Dream points may be earned in various ways, including:

  • Simply having her open, with more points being earned while she is asleep.
  • Winning minigames.
  • Discovering family members for the first time.
  • Performing certain interactions for the first time in a session.

As with friendship points, the first time an interaction is performed in a session, it will usually give bonus points.

Once in the shop menu, the user can spend their dream points on a variety of items, including consumables and clothing. Many of the menu categories don't have any items in them, as the system is unfinished. But the items that are there can be purchased.

Purchased consumables may be given to Lulo to use, and include things such as drinks and puzzles. Purchased clothing will be worn immediately, and is toggleable from the items menu.

Available clothing includes a few styles of top; Sweaters, Hoodies, T-Shirts, and Sleeveless. There are also two styles of pants; Slacks and Jeans. Each of these are available in a variety of colors, though tops will always have the same 3 light gray stripes.


Lulo has a large number of minigames, though many of them are prototypes and don't have finished dialogue.

  • Hangman
    • Lulo will pick a themed word, and the user will have to guess letter by letter.
  • Madlibs
    • The user can choose between two different template stories. Lulo will them prompt them for different types of words, which the user fills in with the input box. At the end, Lulo puts it all together into a story and reads it out, interjecting comments now and then.
  • Rock Paper Scissors
    • Although she doesn't visibly display it, she will state which option she has chosen, and whether the user has won or lost, or if it was a draw.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • The user always starts as Os. Lulo will sometimes try to make “smart” plays where she specifically blocks the user or takes a win when she sees it. Otherwise, she will play in random spots.
  • Guess the Number
    • Lulo picks a random number from 1 to 100, and asks the user to guess it. She will tell them if they have guessed higher or lower than the number she picked, until they find the correct one. The fewer guesses it takes, the more dream points they will earn.
  • Reaction speed
    • Lulo will say “Ready, set… Now!”, but there will be a randomized pause before the word “Now!” appears. When the word appears, it must be clicked quickly. If clicked quickly enough, the user will win. If the user takes too long, they will lose.
  • Junior Jumble
    • Lulo picks a themed word and scrambles it, then asks the user to figure out what the original word was.
  • Word Search
    • Lulo fills a grid with themed words, and the user must find the words among other random letters.

While not in the minigames menu, Lulo also has a “continuous petting” feature, where if the user pets her multiple times in a row without letting the cursor leave her head, she will have special comments, and they can set high scores. Setting a high score will grant the player dream points the first time it is accomplished in a day.


Lulo has 9 possible interactions, which are unlocked as the user builds up friendship with her. These interactions claim to affect her sleepiness, but actually have no effect, save for the “Read to” option.

The user can check Lulo to see her stats, some of their own stats (with one chosen at random), and a bit of flavor text.

Choosing the confide or gush options opens a submenu where the user can pick a topic to talk about. Lulo will open an input box, and attempt to give an appropriate response to the user's input based on the topic that was chosen.

The joke option allows the user to type in a custom input. Putting in “knock knock” will start a knock knock joke format, where Lulo will respond “who's there”, etc., to finish out the joke.

The opinion option allows the user to ask Lulo a yes or no question, like a magic 8 ball, and get her opinion.

The show project option allows the user to drag a file on Lulo, such as a drawing, song, etc., and she will give a random comment on it.

The hug option will give a random response, including some flavor text.

The read to option will make Lulo hold still while the user reads to her. After 3 minutes, if she was awake, she will become sleepy. After another 2 minutes, she will fall all the way asleep. If she was already sleepy when the user started, she will fall asleep after the first 3 minutes. At any time, the user may choose to stop reading. Lulo will comment based on how long they read to her for, and may fall asleep if it lasted for long enough.

The sing option simply outputs a random response.

Communication features

Some of Lulo's content will change depending on if S the Skeleton is open. Most of these changes are idle dialogues, and some menu dialogues. A small portion of her first boot sequence will also change depending on if he is running when she is opened for the first time.

She also will respond to any ghost that pings her in a particular way via ghost communication features, and will send them a large block of stats that they can parse to gather information such as the user's friendship level with her, amount of dream points, the currently playing song, her current dressups, and more.

Lulo will also react to being poked by the ghost Needle.

Unfinished features

The “Dreams” menu in particular is never accessible, as this was a planned feature that was not completed before the project was abandoned.

In addition, many categories in the shop have nothing in them, as mentioned. This includes accessories, and any of the “unique” categories for the clothes.


Lulo comes with the custom balloon Dream Cloud, a dreamy balloon with different color options. She will make use of the different color options based on which mode she is in.